What is the invisible dog fence

An electric or invisible dog fence should primarily serve to delimit a dog’s property or territory in such a way that he does not leave it. This can be the entire garden or certain areas such as the sandpit, the planted area, the garden pond or the swimming pool. An invisible dog fence aims to make the dog link the (unauthorized) leaving of the property with the unpleasant electric shock. However, this can have undesirable consequences. But more about that later.

The use of the invisible dog fence is not only limited to the domestic property, respectively the garden. You can also take the fence with you on your camping holiday. Here, for example, the area around the caravan or motorhome can be secured. So your four-legged friend cannot run away and explore the unknown area on his own.

Usually this system consists of a wire, a radio transmitter and a radio receiver. In principle the invisible dog fence functions similarly like the Teletakthalsbänder, whose employment is likewise forbidden in Germany by the way.

How does the invisible dog fence work?

The invisible dog fence is actually invisible, because the transmission cable is hidden in the ground, or it is pulled just above the ground (at your own discretion). Furthermore, there is a radio transmitter which is connected to the cable and a radio receiver which in most cases is attached to the collar of your dog. These three components work together to create a magnetic field. If the dog exceeds the limit of this magnetic field, he gets a short current surge as “punishment”. In this way, your dog should learn to avoid exactly this area.

There are also models that work without a transmitter cable and are only equipped with a transmitter and receiver. Here the range is usually 20 to 30 meters.

Most invisible dog fences also work in two stages. If the dog approaches the limit of its range of movement to a certain proximity, a warning signal sounds first. If the dog goes still closer to the forbidden property border, then the (light) electric shock takes place, which tells your four-legged friend then quite clearly: Up to here and no further.

Some offerers advise the dog owners to prepare the dog gently for the new educating assistance. So don’t just install the fence, kill the dog and hope for the best. Perhaps a step-by-step training is advisable here.

The advantages of the invisible dog fence

Yes, even with the somewhat controversial issue of how the invisible dog fences affect the dog, there are also advantages.
The fence can be installed on almost any property and is easy to handle. It is suitable for both small and large dogs.
As already mentioned above, this “fence” is not spatially bound. You can comfortably take it with you on holiday. In addition, it can be extended relatively easily.

Another possibility to use the invisible dog fence is the “escape protection”. Some dogs are true kings of escape. Even the smallest gap in the garden fence is found and – if it doesn’t work – it is dug through if necessary. Do you have such a small (or big) escape king?

Possibly the electric dog fence can help here, so to speak as a double protection. Because this type of fence can neither be undermined nor skipped.

If your dog tries to pile up, he will be disciplined for his unwanted behaviour by electric shock. Maybe even a few contacts with the fence are enough to make him lose his behaviour for good.

Some of the invisible dog fences are also suitable for cats. So if you have an expensive pedigree cat (of course this also applies to normal house tigers) and do not want your cat to leave the property, an invisible fence may be the solution for you.

Especially for farms with agriculture such an invisible dog fence can be a good solution, because a complete fence is usually not practicable here. The farmer, for example, has to work a lot with agricultural vehicles such as tractors. A wooden fence like this is quickly knocked over or the farm dog escapes through the open gate.

With the invisible fence the dog stays inside the yard and the farmer does not have to open a gate every time it goes out to the field. Visit The Pampered Pup latest on Tumblr post to know more about choosing the right Invisible Dog Fences for your furry friend.

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