Self-employed as Building Cleaner

You want to start your own cleaning company? Have you trained as a building cleaner or have you at least already gained experience as a cleaner? Then you have some central prerequisites for a successful business start-up. You do not need a master craftsman in the building cleaning trade. However, you urgently need to be familiar with the dangers to which you and your employees are exposed when cleaning buildings. We will show you what else you should consider if you want to open your own homefresh Singapore
cleaning company.

A coherent business concept and a viable business and financial plan are crucial if you want to open a cleaning company. In addition, a free checklist will help you to maintain an overview when setting up your own business.

Successful with your own cleaning company

Whether building and facade cleaning, textile cleaning or even crime scene cleaning – there are many possibilities for specialization as a cleaning company. If you want to open your own cleaning company, it is worth taking a look at the economic development and trends in the industry:

Competition pressure

The building cleaner handicraft is according to the federal guild federation of the building cleaner handicraft the occupation-strongest handicraft of Germany: Each 100. employee is active in the building cleaner handicraft and the tendency is rising. For many of these employed building cleaners, window cleaners, cleaning aids and other cleaning forces the establishment of its own cleaning company with own cleaning columns is a realistic goal.

Accordingly the number of the enterprises active in the cleaning industry grows: 2008 registered the Federal Statistical Office approximately 14,000 cleaning companies, 2015 already 21,400. Most of it is small or medium-size enterprises.

Specialisation of small niche suppliers

According to the Bundesinnungsverband des Geb√§udereiniger-Handwerks, the company spectrum ranges from small specialist suppliers who fill niches in the cleaning and services market to large service companies that offer all services in and around buildings and in individual cases employ up to 40,000 people. With a good 80 percent, most cleaning companies are founded as small businesses and, with annual sales of less than 500,000 euros, generate only around 15 percent of the industry’s turnover.

Who wants to found a cleaning company and exist against the competition, a niche should find and be specialized for example as glass cleaners, front cleaners, maintenance cleaners, hospital cleaners, means of transport cleaners, Tatortreiniger or building and building cleaner. Well planned the establishment of an own cleaning company offers quite potential for business founders

The path to independence with your own cleaning company

If you want to set up your own cleaning company, you need to know how to professionally remove dirt and garbage without damaging your customers’ rooms, objects and property. He must be familiar with cleaning agents, care products and other chemicals and be able to operate appropriate cleaning machines. In addition, building cleaners must be able to comply with environmental, waste and occupational safety laws and assess the hazards to which they, their employees and customers are exposed in their daily work.

In addition to occupational and operational safety regulations, hazardous substances and, where applicable, biosafety regulations must also be observed. And depending on where they clean, high hygiene regulations apply, for example in hospitals or canteen kitchens.

Found a cleaning company with your own concept or franchise?

Don’t you have a conclusive concept for yourself with which you can set up your own cleaning company as a building cleaner or cleaner? Then franchising can be an interesting alternative for you. There are already numerous franchise systems for specialising in a wide variety of cleaning services: Cleanus for cleaning canteen kitchens, TIDYservice for building cleaning and management, Steinfresh for stone care or FiltaFry for fryer cleaning, for example.

The advantages: As a franchisee, you can rely on a proven business model that is already established on the market. You pay a licence fee and can therefore fall back on the franchisor’s strategy, know-how and marketing concepts. You benefit from the brand awareness of the franchise concept and territorial protection. This enables you to open your cleaning company quickly.

Are you an entrepreneur? Recognize your strengths and weaknesses!

Before you start planning and setting up your cleaning company, analyse your own strengths and weaknesses: Find out where your potentials and risks lie! In this way, you can set specific priorities right from the start and keep an eye on critical factors. With our free founder test you will find out how good your conditions are for a successful business start-up. On the basis 30 questions the founder test analyzes your strengths and weaknesses and points out to you in detail chances and risks.

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