Procedure of Laser Lipo

Fat reduction through diet and exercise often takes a long time and is tedious. Methods from aesthetic medicine promise rapid success. How cold, fat away injection and other therapies work and how successful they really are through getting a lipo surgeons near me in Jacksonville.

Cold reduces fat by 20 percent.
Fat-away laser can cause dents.
Suction fat also lasts long.

Weeks of exercise and diet kept – yet the fat is not melted or just in the wrong places? It is difficult to slim down in a targeted way, especially in problem areas. Particularly stubborn fat deposits sit on:

Hips, bottom and thighs (women)
Waist and entire abdomen (men)

For this reason, medicine has developed methods that attack specific areas with pinpoint accuracy and work within hours. A refrigeration method, liposuction and the scalpel are particularly successful.

“Once removed, fat cells that have been sucked off, for example, remain gone forever if you don’t eat too much and move too little again,” says Regina Wagner, a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery and member of the German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (DGĂ„PC). The following methods are available:

Freezing away fat (cryolipolysis, cool sculpting):

Cold causes body cells to die, is the simple explanation of this non-surgical method to remove fat. Fat cells in particular are very sensitive to cold and react quickly with apoptosis, i.e. programmed cell death. The body transports the dead fat cells via blood and lymph.

How cryolipolysis works: The doctor marks the area to be treated. He then attaches the cryolipolysis device. “In Cool Sculpting, the specialist attaches two applicators to the skin, creating a vacuum in between that sucks in the fat pad,” explains the expert.

The fat is now cooled down to two to four degrees Celsius for 60 minutes. At this temperature, fat cells die after only 40 minutes. Success rate: “The method can reduce fat by 20 percent”.

The method is particularly suitable for smaller bacon pads, such as the waist ring (Love Handles).

Duration of treatment: about one hour, follow-up treatment is sometimes necessary.

Effect: A success shows up after approximately eight weeks, remains however only if sport and diet are correct.

Side effects: The treatment can hurt a little, reddening of the skin can occur.

Costs: Depending on the size of the area, around 700 euros for a palm of the hand.


If larger areas are involved and the silhouette is to be optimized, classical liposuction is the best option. Under general anaesthesia, the doctor injects substances into the subcutaneous fat tissue that dissolve fat cells. Then cannulae suck the fat out of the tissue with the help of water, vibration or ultrasound. “The treatment is carried out in three steps: The fat cells float up, destroy them with ultrasound and then suck them off,” reports Wagner. Depending on the amount of fat, the procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia and is minimally invasive.

Duration of treatment: One to three hours, depending on the size of the operation. 24-hour monitoring after the procedure makes sense, and after more complex procedures also an in-patient stay.

Effect: Already during the operation the success becomes visible. After about six months, the skin has adapted to the new shape.

Side effect: Swelling, post-operative bleeding, bruising, possible numbness.

Costs: from 1000 Euro

Tightening by scalpel (lipectomy):

This applies especially to the abdomen and upper arms. The tummy tuck is usually performed by the doctor after weight loss, when a very overweight person has lost many kilograms and a lot of skin is left over. “The appearance of the abdomen is therefore adapted to the new weight,” explains Wagner.

The situation is different with the upper arm lift. Fat and superfluous tissue are removed and the skin is tightened. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and takes several hours, depending on the amount of effort involved.

Duration of treatment: Several hours, depending on the size of the operation.

Effect: Immediately after the operation, but after the abdominoplasty it takes several months until everything is firm.

Side effect: mainly affects abdominoplasty: bruising, infection, tissue necrosis.

Costs: Tummy tuck from 5000 Euro, upper arm tuck about 4000 Euro.

Fat-away injection (injection lipolysis):

An injection of phosphatidylcholine (lecithin) from soybeans and bile acid is said to dissolve fat deposits easily. The decomposed fat cells are then removed by the organism. The fat removal syringe is suitable for small areas such as the double chin or inner thighs.

The technique is simple: the doctor disinfects the affected skin areas and injects the solution with very fine cannulas into the fat pad. Sometimes several injections are necessary.

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