Outsourcing call centers

Call centers outsourcing telephone calls. With incoming – warm clients – companies usually cope on their own, difficulties arise with cold calls. Third-party call centers take on this unpleasant job.

Five myths about cold calls

It’s from the name, the cold bell, that it gets cold and uncomfortable. There is a desire to hand them over: to give “cold” and negative to the side. In return, we want warm, interested and imbued with the value of the offer, ready buyers.

When it comes to it – you are looking for “active,

a sociable, friendly and stress-resistant” manager for outgoing calls. The seller is obligatory – especially with uniqueness of your products and at economy recession! Let’s find out whether it makes sense to give cold calls to the outsourcing call center.

The first myth. Students/grams work in the call-center (emphasize the necessary)

You can imagine: sitting students and grandmothers with a tube at the ear and dialing a number with a finger, painfully invent – what would you say? If you are looking for the cheapest offer, you will find such a call center. With operators in the CIS countries, who have a noticeable accent – it’s if you’re especially lucky.

In contrast, modern call centers. New equipment and programs continuously and without the participation of a special person connect the free operator with customers. Customers are called by the list – call queues – and are connected at lightning speed, they do not have to wait. The system records all calls, their quality is continuously monitored: statistics is available to the customer in real time.

A project is developed for each customer and operators are assigned. An operator is a professional employee who has undergone training and mandatory testing for each project. Project calls are made according to a specially developed scenario. It is made under the concrete purposes, considers specificity and uniqueness of a product.

Myth two. What do they know about my business?

Fears are fair – nothing. The call center knows nothing about your business. But he knows everything about cold phone sales. How to bypass the secretary, go to the right specialist or manager, how to build a conversation about a product or service, to interest and convince.

Scenario for operators write experts in negotiations – the best sellers. A good scenario only works in close cooperation with the client. Don’t expect it to happen without you. And here comes the third myth.

Myth three. The result should not wait

The result depends on the sum of the factors, as in everything else. Clearly state your goal – what you want from the call center. Based on the goal, a scenario is built, which is then checked and improved. Operators are assigned to the scenario: they are trained and take the test. Each client is assigned a personal project coordinator. The coordinators are experienced employees who have completed two or three dozen projects.

The coordinator leads the project: changes the scenario, refines the transfer of warm contacts, develops special offers for the project, changes the target audience if necessary, forms another base for calls, replaces operators.

Myth four. But it’s long and expensive: “girl on algo” from 10 thousand more profitable!

Professionals prepare a standard project of 10 working days. And how long will you look for, teach and check your “girl on Alley”? How much does your time cost? And if you can’t do it the first time, will you search, teach and test again?

The call center on the outsource will launch the project in time: whether it’s operators or boys. Let’s talk about operator efficiency.

How much net time out of eight working hours does your employee talk to clients? What about smoke breaks, smartphones and social networks? Will someone control your “girl”? Will she be able to make 150-200 calls a day, like the operators of an outsourced call center? Do you think the cost of a call to a client is? Will the “girl on the avenue” fight for the result? Will you fire her? But we have already lost time…

Myth five. They won’t dig into the nuances and solve my questions

They will be. If the call center solves the problems, you will stay. Nothing personal, only business. Therefore, the outsourcing call center will connect your CRM to its programs: the leaders will immediately get to your sales managers. That’s why the operator will offer potential clients to visit your site or will come and register it for the event. That’s why the developers will write the reports you need, which work online and are sent by email.

Outgoing calls – only one of the areas of contact centers on outsourcing. Around there were a lot of myths and doubts, but the situation is changing. We encounter similar speculations when we offer to process incoming calls. This is another important direction of work of third-party call centers, which we will consider next time.

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