Growth of TikTok in Companies

If there is a “new” social network that has made a name for itself in recent months, it is TikTok.

Not only has TikTok been downloaded more than 1 billion times from the Google Play Store, but the rapid growth at the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 has caused headlines. mediakix has summarized many interesting TikTok statistics in an info graphic, which once again illustrate the impressive growth.

TikTok grows so fast

In Germany, TikTok left WhatsApp behind in the download charts. In the USA, TikTok is installed more often than Instagram. Downloads are not for active users, but with over 4 million people in Germany using TikTok every month and a planned advertising offensive, it quickly becomes clear that you definitely have to deal with the channel.

Of course, the activity of brands and companies on TikTok is not yet comparable with other social networks. But there are early adopters. As with any emerging social network, this can be an advantage. If the network prevails, you not only have a head start in experience, but also less competition. If TikTok doesn’t prevail, you still have a lot of important experience with vertical videos and the functioning of social networks.

The concept of TikTok

TikTok was developed in China for the young target group and is a pure video network. With the app you can easily create videos and share your short clips with the world. In the beginning it was all about synchronizing music or famous movie clips. Meanwhile, dance videos, sports videos, comedy clips and more can also be found on the platform. Similar to Vine, the concept of TikTok is to share short videos. However, it is thematically more limited, as it was initially limited to lip-sync. Besides the videos are longer – they may last meanwhile (after the fusion with up to 5 minutes instead of initially only 15 seconds.

How TikTok works

Download the app for free and register with one click via Facebook, Google, Twitter or Instagram. And you’re ready to use all the features. Even before you are logged in, you can already see popular short videos. In the search you can browse for popular hashtags. You can follow other users, liken and comment on the videos and share them on other networks. Your own video can also be easily created and additionally provided with live effects (lipstick, crowns, snowflakes etc.) and filters as well as sound. The speed can be adjusted as well as automatic beautification.

These brands and companies are active on TikTok

We looked around TikTok and came across several media, brands and companies that have already integrated TikTok into their content and social media strategy. Follower numbers are only a means to an end on TikTok and we don’t want to give them too much weight. For classification purposes, however, we list them in this list of active companies on TikTok.

The list does not claim to be complete and the activity of the individual accounts is very different. There are accounts like those of Nike or Huawei, which are used for campaigns on TikTok, but are not yet regularly loaded with content.

Other companies rely on cooperation with influencers on TikTok, which will and should be the first step for many.

But the almost 4 million followers of the NBA and 2.3 million followers of Red Bull are already an announcement.

Also first sports teams like the Dallas Mavericks, Manchester City or the 1 FC. Cologne are active on TikTok. With this growth, it will only be a matter of time before other teams and, of course, companies will follow suit.

Within two years TikTok has grown to 500 million users. Faster than Instagram or Facebook. But that only works if people use the app regularly. This is the case, and the dimensions are already different from the Snapchat Hype.

TikTok for companies: Reaching kids & teens authentically

Tik Tok has been a new star on the social media scene for some time now and is especially popular with children and young people. Since the number of users of the video network is rising rapidly, companies are slowly becoming interested in the commercial use of TikTok. After all, TikTok was the most downloaded app worldwide in 2018, according to its own figures. And it has around 800 million users per day.

TikTok for companies: Advertising possibilities

There are several ways to advertise in the network. On the one hand you can engage TikTok Influencer as a company and let them spread the message authentically in the network. On the other hand, as a company you can create a profile and try to penetrate organically to the users. The best way is with eye-catching, creative and target group-oriented video content. Read more here about how to buy tiktok likes for further details.

Companies can also participate and stand out in the various Hashtag Challenges. Rumour has it that advertising opportunities in the form of native ads, brand take-overs and sponsored hashtags will soon follow. Ads will also be played and tested in the network. So far, however, it has not been possible for a company to specifically place video ads.

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