Garden Tools To Keep

The range of gardening tools is huge, there is a suitable tool for every yard work activity. The equipment depends on the size of the garden. But also the condition of the soil and the type of planting are decisive for the choice. The better the quality of the garden tools, the longer they last. Ergonomically shaped tools not only make work easier, they also prevent damage to health. In order to avoid back pain, one should pay attention to an upright posture when gardening.

Good hold and firm grip

When buying gardening tools, you should check whether they fit comfortably in your hand and offer a secure grip. The easiest way is to test the handling of different tools in the garden centre. Although high-quality products have their price, the investment is usually worth it. Nothing is worse than having to find out after a few weeks that, for example, the rose or hedge trimmer no longer cuts sharply or that the handle causes blisters on the hands.

Tools for rough work: Spades and Co.

The spade – a classic among garden tools. It is mainly used for digging heavy soils. But work such as transplanting shrubs and trees and cutting lawn edges is also done with the spade. Full physical effort is required for handling. The length of the spade is ideal when the handle reaches to the elbow with hanging arms.

A spade with an aluminium handle makes sense. Not only do they make the hard work of digging easier, they also usually have another great advantage: the handle can be adjusted to the size of the worker. The spade should only go up to the hip – the shorter or longer the handle, the more strenuous the work is.

Spade, digging fork and hoe: Wooden handles are the best choice
The shovel is almost as important as the spade – from picking up and transporting sand, soil and compost to gravel. The digging fork belongs in every well-assorted collection of equipment. The fork should preferably be made of iron or stainless steel, the handle of wood. Because a wooden handle dampens better than one made of fibreglass or metal. It is also easier to replace. Of course, the pickaxe should not be missing either. It serves to smooth the floor. The heavier the floor, the smaller the hoe blade should be.

Loosening, crumbling, smoothing: equipment for soil cultivation

The garden rake is an all-round talent. It can be used for smoothing, levelling and raking. It is mostly made of metal and wood. The trident cultivator is just as indispensable. Above all, it makes weeding easier. The plants are spared due to its specially wound prongs. If you have many deciduous trees in your garden, you should definitely get a rake or a broom. Grass cuttings can also be wonderfully raked together. Plastic brooms are light and especially resilient.

All-in-one equipment: The specialist trade offers garden equipment that can be transformed from a rake into a shovel, broom or hoe at the push of a button. This makes sense in order to save space and money.
Textile tape for a firm grip: Textile tape provides the necessary anti-slip effect to keep the garden tool firmly in place with a smooth handle. It is wrapped around the handle and provides the necessary hold like a work glove.

Keep garden tools in a safe place: Moisture and dirt are the biggest enemies of the tool. Garden tools should therefore be stored in a dry place and cleaned regularly. Especially in autumn – after the last work – tools and implements must be completely cleaned of dirt. Some tools should be greased in autumn. The same applies to small tools, such as rose and branch shears, as well as to joint scrapers.

Garden tools

Garden tools, garden technology, tools and machines for gardening and garden care.

High-quality garden tools, garden technology and garden tools are a great help to the gardener in gardening and working in the garden. For example, pruning shears, saws and lawn mowers help to cut plants and lawn.

Blossoming gardens and balconies are a pleasure for every hobby gardener. But they also require a lot of work and care. When everything grows and blooms, the garden and balcony look more beautiful and the recreational factor in your own green oases is all the greater.

A variety of gardening tools can make gardening easier. In a garden, the tools are in the shed. The equipment for balcony work is often stored in the utility room.

Useful garden tools

The lawn in the garden or in front of the house is a central place for resting, games and parties. With a Lawn mower or a lawn tractor
the lawn is mowed every two weeks. This keeps the lawn healthy and attractive.

The spade
the rake
the cultivator
the shovel and
the hoe

help with the work in the beds and plants. All these devices are also available in a smaller version for work on the balcony or terrace.

In every garden you will find watering cans in all sizes. In the case of larger plants, the plants are treated with a garden hose and various attachments sprayed with water. For planting and greening, the gardener uses various planting aids.

For all plants, gardens and balconies there are appropriate gardening tools, with which the work makes considerably more fun and the result can be obtained more easily. The joy of flowering gardens and balconies is a nice reward for hard work in the garden.

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