Different Types of Card Games

The Game is really suitable for everyone. The rules are super simple, the rounds are played fast and the teamwork is addictive. For professionals there is even the single player mode. A family game, a party game, a drinking game. Probably only unsuitable if you’re afraid of losing…

Werewolves – The children’s game for actors in large groups
Everyone must like a card game for groups. That needs variety. Werewolves have plenty of them. Because the roles are redistributed in each round! Aim of the game: Find together the werewolves, who snatch the innocent village citizens.

But beware – the werewolves pose as one of you and decide who will be stoned by the villagers. If the night brings new attacks, you have chosen the wrong one.

The perfect card game for school classes, boy scouts or other large groups with many children. Train laughing muscles, acting skills and team spirit. Adults who don’t take themselves too seriously will also have a lot of fun!

6 takes – for fast gamblers

6 takes deservedly landed on the recommendation list for the 1994 game of the year. Easy to understand, action-packed and exciting. Just put your cards on – but avoid putting the sixth card in a row at all costs. Then you’ll earn Minus Deluxe Points.

Who does not like to think, that will lose the fun at 6 takes fast. If, however, you like to measure yourself against everyone, then it is the parlour game for you. And don’t think that you have to let your children win – you will fall into the trap often enough!

Anno Domini – For know-it-alls and lucky devils

“You’re just lucky! I’d win a brain game!”. You will not hear such sentences with ANNO DOMINI. Because the one who knows the most here wins. Although – on exact knowledge it does not depend so really.

Who knows if an alligator was found in the New York sewage system before or after the Bermuda shorts? In the end it’s the gut feeling that decides who brings the right order to the strange events.

Strategy is not in demand at ANNO DOMINI. Luck and conjecture do. Thanks to dozens of editions, from “America” to “Switzerland”, all fields of knowledge are covered. Do you know more than your family?

Wizard – For the particularly clever players

Thanks to Wizard, you’ll soon have no more excuses. You boast of your sublime playing style that always leads you to victory? That’s what we want to see! In Wizard you can prove your ability to predict the game. Just like a magician. Before the game starts, you tell us how many tricks you will win. Only if your tactics are really that good do you make this announcement true.

Wizard is the perfect gift for card players who think they’re smart. They are available in the family, but also among friends. Expose their lies – or discover their special gift – in fast rounds for small groups. Tactical skill and a little luck are required.

Durak – For 2 people who are looking for new classics.

You’ll love Durak when you’re having fun with Skat. Just like me. But even the classic will become boring at some point. The remedy comes from Russia: Durak is a card game with the classic deck of cards and is called “Dummkopf”. In the best case, that’s your opponent. Why? Because at the end of the game he still has all the cards in his hand – and you don’t.

The classic stabbing, drawing and setting up of a strategy are not a revolution. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be that at all. Durak is aimed at people who like to play a quiet round.

You won’t hear screams of excitement here. On the other hand, you’ll get all the more a benevolent nod for your clever tactics. If you want to impress your father, teach him Durak – because it doesn’t always have to be Jass.

Poker – For the whole night at the pyjama party

I admit it: I can’t get away from a classic – poker. Admittedly not quite uncomplicated. But with all the more variations that don’t give boredom a chance.

In the most popular variation, Texas Hold’em, you feel like bluffing for millions in Las Vegas casinos. It’s not who has the best cards, but who keeps the best poker face that gradually clears all the chips. Check out Tuokio.org and find more card games to play.

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