Central locking system is defective

What happens in the event of an accident?

Many people are worried that they will not be able to open the car doors from the inside in the event of an accident. How the systems of the various manufacturers react naturally depends on the make. By the way, the same goes for the functionality of the central locking system itself. Some models lock themselves when the ignition key is turned. Some have a certain speed (above walking speed) or they have a central knob. Surely there are some more variants.

In the event of an accident, almost all vehicles deactivate the central locking system when the airbag is triggered (crash signal) and automatically unlock the doors. Sometimes this even happens when the seat belt is tightened abruptly. In case of doubt, a look at the operating instructions or a call to the manufacturer will help.

But what happens if the car is so badly damaged that the electric circuit is destroyed? More likely than this scenario is that in such a serious accident there would be a risk that the doors would warp and the issue of central locking would be resolved anyway. In order to prevent this, we should always have a safety hammer with belt cutter (*) in the car so that we can free ourselves in an emergency. A fire extinguisher (*) or fire blanket (*) is also recommended if a fire breaks out.

If you are still not completely convinced, you can release the central locking system on the motorway again. The risk of someone running behind the car and opening the doors is probably rather low at this speed – unlike in the city, where the threat is definitely there.

Retrofitting the central locking system

Older vehicles are often not as well equipped as newer models. But even here we don’t have to do without the convenience and security of a radio-controlled locking system, because in most cases we can have a central locking system retrofitted. If we even have a car professional in our circle of acquaintances, retrofitting is also possible on our own.

What to do if the central locking system is defective?

A defect in the central locking system of your vehicle can be a real problem, especially if you are unable to get into your car. This is especially true if the lock is completely blocked and can no longer be opened. This is particularly problematic if, for example, you are travelling with your vehicle and can no longer drive from the supermarket parking lot. In such a case, you should follow the correct procedure in order to get help as quickly as possible.

Our locksmith Henderson Locksmith service will explain to you in the following sections what you should do in the event of a defective central locking system.

First steps in the event of a malfunctioning central locking system
If you use a key with a radio connection for your vehicle, you should always take into account that your central locking system is not defective, but that the key battery is simply empty. In such a case you should simply use the key itself to open the door. Every car has a keyhole, even if you only opened it by radio. Sometimes, however, you will have to remove a cover from the door handle to get to your car keyhole.

If the central locking system still does not work despite the use of the actual key, it may be worth trying to unlock the other doors of the car instead of the driver’s door. The central locking system may be damaged only on this door and can be used on the other car doors.

This allows you to enter your car from the front passenger seat, for example. If this is the case, you must go to the nearest garage as soon as possible to have the damaged central locking system repaired.

A third option is to open the trunk of your car to get into the car. On many models, the boot is not connected to the central locking system and should therefore still be able to be opened.

However, access through the boot can be complicated depending on the vehicle class. In this case, too, you should visit a garage immediately to have the locking mechanism of your car repaired.

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